How the new drilling technology works:

  1. The pilot bit projects 1 in (25 mm) for exact positioning at the drilling location.
  2. Once the pilot bit hole depth reaches aprox. 1/4 in (aprox. 6 mm), the carbide core bit meets the material and the pilot bit is disengaged.
  3. The user’s entire feed force is transferred to the carbide core bit.
  4. At material breakthrough, a spring pushes the pilot bit forward


Wrench-free FEIN QuickIN Plus fast change system guarantees easy, fast exchange of bits.


Innovative drilling technology for rapid work progress and short drilling times.

very safe

Torque-slip clutch disengages driver and driven sides when overloaded.


Precision machining ensures secure positioning of rotating machine parts.


Withstands extreme shock and impact loading due to distortion-free barrel design and a glass fiber reinforced motor casing.


Infinitely variable electronic speed setting for matching speed to specific work processes.


Steady work progress and optimum matching of speed using six electronic, tacho-controlled, speed settings.


Extra high copper content and an encapsulated field coil ensure more sustained power.

Up to 6 times faster

carbide core bit, coated

carbide core bit

cross handle machine +
HSS twist bit

Test conditions: Material S235, 12 mm,
hole diameter 19 mm. FEIN carbide bit, coated 34 sec.,
FEIN carbide bit, 42 sec., HSS-twist bit 170 sec.


A system specially matched to the application.

The perfect interaction of powerful handheld drill, optimum speed, patented drilling technology and carbide core drill bits with special cutting geometry guarantees that you can save huge amounts of time and money.

The FEIN KBH 25 is up to 6 times faster than twist drilling and up to 4 times faster than the carbide hole saws now established on the market.

  • Innovative
  • Easy
  • Fast
  • very safe
  • Precise
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Uniform
  • high-performance