Energy saving drilling using special tooth geometry

For the first time, uninterrupted hand held core drilling can be done with low feed force – thanks to special tooth geometry and the narrow kerf of the core bit. These greatly reduce both contact pressure during pilot drilling and the required feed force during core drilling. This leads to rapid work progress, saving time and money.

Special tooth geometry, narrow kerf

The FEIN core bit consists of three different cutting teeth. This greatly reduces the contact pressure and feed force and chipping is free of vibration and quiet.

1. Front tooth

2. Middle tooth

3. Rear tooth

TiAlN coating

2.8 mm

Rapid work progress combined with low feed force

Less time, less energy, due to minimum cutting volume: With core drilling, only a narrow ring is cut out, so considerably less time and feed force is required. In addition, cored holes can be carried out in one operation (pilot drilling, core drilling, core ejection.)


Plan view

carbide core bit

FEIN KBH 25 + carbide-
core bit, coated

Cutting volume 1.8 cm³

Cutting volume 1.8 cm³

cross handle machine +
HSS twist bit

Cutting volume 3.4 cm³

Values obtained with S235 material, 12 mm, hole diameter 19 mm,
F force, N= Newton

Carbide core bit with TiAlN coating

  • Up to 20% faster work progress compared with uncoated carbide core bits.
  • Lowest cutting and feed force due to the excellent glide properties provided by titanium aluminum nitride surface coating.
  • Increased heat resistance for dry drilling.
  • Improved service life.